Toshiba Gebäude Tokio
Toshiba Europe GmbH as an Employer

Toshiba Corporation is a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology and has been successful for over 100 years. This drive for innovation is rooted in the commitment of our employees, and as part of our corporate culture, we promote tailored development opportunities for our employees.

Our Values

We are committed to creating a corporate culture characterized by openness with mutual respect for our employees. Partnership characterizes the relationship with our employees. And it is these values that lay the foundation which enables our employees to take on responsibility and thus contribute to the growth of the corporation in the best way possible.

In our multi-cultural working environment, integrity is of utmost importance. It plays a major role in the way we organize our business activities and the way we work with our external and internal partners. It is our goal to continue to strive to be a company that is free from all forms of discrimination.

We take many measures to ensure that our values are integrated in our daily business. Regular employee surveys are conducted, for example, to find out where we stand and to discover where improvements are possible.

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